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Different types of Firewood

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Different types of Firewood

What types of Firewood is there around?
These are some amazing woods that you can burn, along with more details about them.

Apple Wood

A very good wood that burns slow and steady, it has small flame size, and does not produce sparking or spitting. Produces a pleasant smell when burnt.

Ash Wood

Said by many to be one of best woods for burning. It produces a steady flame and good heat output.  Here is a little more information on Ash from the Woodland Trust.

Beech Wood

Another top wood, very similar to ash.  A little more information on Beech Wood is available here form Wikipedia.

Birch Wood

Produces very good heat output but it does burn quickly. Recommended for pizza ovens and cooking.  Here is a link for information on the Birch Wood tree.

Cherry Wood

Is a slow to burn wood that produces a good heat output. Like apple produces a pleasant scent when burnt.  Some information on Cherry Wood and the tree, is available here.

Hawthorn Wood

Is a good traditional firewood that has a slow burn with good heat output.  There is information on the Hawthorn here.

Maple Wood

Is a good burning wood that produces good flame and heat output.  Loads of information on Maple Wood is here on Wikipedia.

Oak Wood

Because of its density, oak produces a small flame and very slow burn, must be kiln dried for best results.  Wikipedia has plenty more information on Oak here – click this link.

Pear Wood

Burns really well with good heat, and like oak it must be kilndried firewood for best results.  Information on Pear Wood is available here form the Wood Database.

Sycamore Wood

Produces a good flame, but with only moderate heat output.  The Wood Database has more information on Sycamore Wood – click here.

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