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Out of lockdown 2.0

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Out of lockdown 2.0

So here we are … out of lockdown 2.0 (of sorts)!

With more people now likely to be spending more time at home, and as the weather worsens, it is important we consider how the fuels we burn affect not only our health, but also the environment.

The Burn Better campaign

Along with Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), Solid Fuel Association and HETAS, Woodsure have introduced the ‘Burn Better’ campaign.

Better practices such as using kiln dried firewood or servicing the stove and chimney regularly make a real difference to the air we breathe in the home. Using better fuels also results in more heat, as well as less smoke and less soot – which is a more pleasant experience for the householder, and reduces maintenance costs.

Research found that a quarter (25%) of those surveyed with open fires or stoves reported burning traditional house coal, and 19% burn waste wood such as pallets.

Between May 2021 and 2023, sales of house coal and wet wood in England will be phased out giving the public and suppliers time to move to cleaner alternatives such as dry wood and manufactured solid fuels to help reduce emissions and improve people’s heath.

The ‘Burn Better’ campaign provides advice to improve the way you burn, such as:

  • Choose the cleanest fuels. All our firewood is guaranteed by the ‘ready to burn logo’, and moisture tested before delivery. Once delivered make sure you store your firewood in a dry place, remember – dry wood produces less smoke and more heat.
  • Service your stove
  • Keep your chimney safe, ensure it is swept annually

All firewood supplied by us is Woodsure Accredited (link opens in new tab), and meets the ‘Burn Better’ initiative guidelines.

woodsure logo for air quality

For any information on the above article, or simply and enquiry in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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